Quality Craftmanship since 2001

Ladies Shoes

They are handmade with soft, genuine leather. Beautifully feminine and perfect for any occasion.


Vellies (Veldschoen)

These vintage shoes have made a trendy comeback, add them to your personal shoe collection for an effortlessly stylish look. They’re designed with a natural full grain exterior and stitch detail along the soles.


Leather and ‘Riempies’

High quality crafting leather made after EU specifications.  Leather can be used for wallets, belts, handbags and shoes. 

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Leather Craft Tools 

A variety of tools to create most leather products. 

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Bag Closer

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K-Vintage Handbags

We have an assortment of handmade handbags available at Leather Connection. Each bag is uniquely handcrafted. They are handstitched and made with durable leather.

Between N$ 1610-00 and N$ 4025-00 per bag.

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