Leather Craft and Tools 

Knifes, Cutters, Blades and Bevelers

Craftsmen Trimming Knife

Great for trimming thread, cutting out patterns and fine trimming work.

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Bevel Point Knife

Ideal for skiving and edge trimming. Lacquered hardwood handle. For use on leather and similar materials.


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Edge Beveler

Bevels and rounds off edges of leather. Available in four sizes. The larger the number, the wider the bevel.

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Wooden Strap Cutter

Adjustable thickness bar allows you to adjust cutting thickness.

Cross bar is marked in inches and centimeters for ease in cutting straps

up to 4″ or 10cm wide.

Blades are easy to replace. It is great for clean, perfect straps with every cut.

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Heritage Draw Gauge

Adjusts to cut straps up to 10cm wide. Polished stainless steel bar with polished aluminium handle.


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Lace Maker

Save money by making your own lace with this handy tool.

Cuts uniform 3mm or 5mm strips of leather up to 2.5mm.


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Bisonnette Quick Change Edge Beveler, Handle with 3 Blades (0-2)

Replace a variety of edgers with the ease and economy of one quick change edge beveler.

Versatile design features a comfortable plastic handle with three interchangeable blades, that make replacement and size changes quick and easy.

Size 0 – 2

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Skyve Knife/ Beveler Knife

Makes a remarkably easy job of skiving leather and other materials, increasing your speed and accuracy. Splits and shaves hides easily. The specially-designed, curved razor blade increases user comfort.

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Head Knife/Saddler Knife

Your leatherwork will benefit from the precise cuts of this head trimming knife.Comfortable round hardwood handle. Made of 1075 high carbon steel.

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Heavy Duty Knife

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Würth Heavy Duty Knife

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Craftsmen Replacement Blades

Replacement Blade for Craftsment Trimming Knife.

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Replacement Blades

Replacement Blades for Carpet Knife.

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Awl Haft

Holds Saddler’s Harness Awls.

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Diamond Awl

Used to make new holes into the leather for hand stitching.

Sizes: 57mm; 63mm


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Tack Claw Tool

Tack and Staple Remover.


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Stabbing Awl

The stabbing awl is used for making holes or enlarging holes for hand stitching.

Sizes: 57mm; 63mm; 76mm

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Stitching tools

Stitch Groover

Creates stitch grooves.

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Stitch Groover

Create stitching grooves with ease and confidence with this quality tool.

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Replacement Blade

Replacement Blade for Stitch Groover.

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Quick Change Stitch Marking Wheel Set, Handle and 2 Marking Wheels

Allows you to layout stitch length before stitching.

Versatile design features a comfortable plastic handle and two interchangeable marking wheels.

Sizes 5 and 6

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Diamond Chisel Stitching Set

Diamond stitching chisels feature a precise, diamond shape for quick, effortless punching.

Punch perfect holes for hand sewing and saddle stitching leather.

Quality carbon steel construction.

Size 3 – 6

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Speedy Stitcher with Thread

The hand-held design is great for making quick repairs to straps, bags and other projects like a sewing machine.

Includes a straight piercing needle, a curved needle and an extra skein of waxed thread.

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Stitching Pony

N$ 860 – 00


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Leather Edge Paint

A very high quality and durable leather paint, made in Italy.

18 colours available. The colours can be mixed together to create more colours. 


More Information

Protecting Gloss Overcoat

Use with Leather Edge Paint.


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Markers and Stamps

Silver Marking Pens

Silver Marking Pens used to mark on leather.

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13mm Standard Alphabet Sets

Made from tough zinc for heavy duty, everyday stamping of names and initials on all your handcrafted projects.

Includes letters A-Z and a stamp handle.


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Basic Stamping Tool Set With Swivel Knife

Includes six basic stamping tools, a standard blade swivel knife and a screw driver.

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6mm Alphabet & Number Set

Elegant alphabet characters features clean, crisp edges.

Includes handle and letters A through Z.


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Serrated Leather Scissor

Heavy Duty Leather Scissor


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Mundial Leather Scissor 10

Leather Scissor

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Punch, Stud and Rivot Tools

Bag or Oblong Punch

If you craft bags, purses and straps, this punch is a must – have on your work bench.

Hand forged. Tapered clearance. Polished barrel

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Gedore/Dako Hollow Punch

Hollow punches are used to make round holes.

Size 1 – 5

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Knipex Revolving Punch

Hollow punches in different sizes.

High quality Revolving Punch – Made in Germany.

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Revolving Punch

Hollow punches in different sizes.

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Press Stud Setter 838

Setting Large (838) Press Studs

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Deluxe 4P and Rivet Setter

Offering you two outstanding functions in one convenient tool for a great price.

Sets the 4P 20line snaps, 4P 24 line snaps, 2200 double cap rivets, jiffy rivets and 2205 segma snaps with ease.

Extra long handles.

Comes complete with five setters and an anvil with four different sized indentations.

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Press Stud Setter P201

Setting (404) Press Studs

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Press Stud B520

Setting B520 Soft Action Press Studs

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Rivet Setter

To set 7mm to 9mm Rivets

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Recoil Hammer

Significantly higher impact effect.

Ergonomic work thanks to protection of tendons and joints.

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Pointed Bone Creaser

Made of real bone, this creaser can make a big difference when assembling your leather projects. Creasers are often overlooked as being a useful tool. It has many uses: smoothing, creasing, forming leather, adhering cemented leathers, burnishing edges, etc. An indispensable tool for making holsters and cases.

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Shoemaking Cast Iron Anvil

For Shoe or Boot repair and the manufacturing of shoes.

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Steel Ruler

30cm/ 50cm/ 100cm

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Side Cutter

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Shoe Horn

Perfect angle for sliding feet into shoes.

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